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Yoga designed for YOU. 

Your experience, your body.

About Rebecca

Soon after moving to LA in 1996, I discovered Iyengar Yoga, which emphasizes detail, precision, and alignment, while incorporating breath control, or pranayama. As an actor, vocalist, and dancer, I began to notice not only my voice becoming stronger through practicing Iyengar, but also my carriage becoming more graceful, my focus sharper, and my nerves more calm. I became fascinated with the workings of the body and the interconnectedness of all parts.


In 2006 I became certified to teach both children and adults yoga through Yoga Angels International, and later, an instructor in its teachers’ training program. Since then I have taught at  studios throughout LA. For 11 years I also taught kids acting at Gary Spatz’s The Playground, where I incorporated yoga as part of the curriculum, merging focus and fun as a tool of self-expression. 


Next Phase - It's going to be okay

But what can we learn from menopause and the discomfort that it can bring? With Next Phase Yoga, I invite you to honor this time in your life by first acknowledging changes you have noticed over time that may have diminished your self-esteem or quality of life. These changes offer an opportunity to deepen your wisdom, allowing you to bring more consciousness to the inner workings of your body, as well as to your diet and how you move through your life. Yoga can help guide you through this time with self-love, self-care, and self-discovery. And I can help you shape your own practice, giving you the tools to welcome this transformative time and create value from it. Every woman’s menopausal journey is unique. Following your lead, I will help you refine and shape your practice to address what YOU want, whether it’s more energy, a stronger libido, or fewer hot flashes, I want to guide you to a more courageous, compassionate, and more fulfilled you.


To tap into what that means for you, contact me for a free consultation. or


Available for private or semi-private sessions, as well as workshops. Also available via Skype.

In the News...

B.Glen the online Japanese beauty magazine, recently interviewed me about the techniques and benefits of Restorative Yoga, which I incorporate into my lessons. There is some loss in translation if you use Google Translate, but it's a cool spread, nonetheless. Thank you, Miho Suzuki! Check it out: B.Glen


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